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Silhouette Stand & Screen

Silhouette is a 3 panel plywood self hinging screen with a sculptural slotted hat stand that is created out of the cut out pattern of the screen.

The Silhouette series was inspired by the desire to create a functional object out of the scrap material of another design. Being highly aware of the waste in the production of interior products I wanted to ensure my designs were not contributing to this.

The designs are formed without the use of fussy fixings, using only slots in the timber to form the hat stand and small metal pins for the timber finger hinges on the screen that are held in place by gravity. Due to these fixing details the pieces are able to be flat packed and can be dismantled and reassembled if the need arises.

Currently produced in birch 18mm ply, there are many options of materials, size and colour, such as powdercoated mdf or sheet acrylic.