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About Us

Zema Designs is a multi-disciplinary design studio covering the areas of object/ furniture design, special / interior design, graphic design and project management ,  run by Amy Cunningham. Being a mix of both design product and design service Zema Designs creates flexibility in the design process.

The business allows a client to use one or many of the services on offer. This gives the option of a whole project being from “one hand”, creating consistency in design from the space and the furniture  within  the space to the graphic representation. The project can also be managed from start to finish ensuing continuity in the design delivery.

Along with the design service aspect Zema Designs produces a range of adaptable modular furniture for both the domestic and commercial markets. Creating pieces that can be pulled apart and rearranged easily without the need for fixing devices. The more flexible a piece of furniture is the more likely it will be retained by the user and not discarded when a new fashion arises. This preservation of objects is of ever increasing importance for sustainable products to be produced.

Zema designs is based around our emotional investment in objects and environments. This resonates through the connection points between the objects and spaces as well as the connection of individuals to those objects and spaces.

Purity and simplicity are at the core of the brand’s philosophy. This is evident in the innovation of form and function of the products and environments the brand represents. The practical, adaptable and durable nature of the brand is relevant in creating products that create a lasting connection with the customer.

As a designer, I believe above all in function and adaptability in design. I create designs that I feel fulfil a need. I feel very passionate about my research of the kept object in which I have been investigating individual’s connection to their retained objects. The question I ask is, why are we connected to certain things and can we adapt this knowledge to modern design?

An element of the business that allows the user to feel more connected to the piece is the option for customisation. All of the current designs are available in standard ranges with the option for a variety of amendments or additions at the customer’s request.

When designing I am very aware of the cost of labour in Australia for the production per piece. This influences the designs greatly in making them as pure to their function and materiality as possible, creating a simple thing of beauty. Locking connections between elements of the furniture is a recurring theme in my work. These locks are both physically functional as well as intriguing to behold. The locking connection is also a reference to the person’s connection to the piece.

Zema Designs produces pieces that are designed and made to last, with their simple function, elegance and adaptability.

Design Education:
2001-2005 Bachelor of Design with Honours
University of New South Wales
College of Fine Arts

  • Joint Coordinator of Graduate Exhibition 2004
  • Finalist in Object Gallery New Design 2005
  • Graduation May 2006

Springboard Project 2008-2009

Stage 1 2008

Stage 2 2008-2009

Design Work:
2005 Woodmark International Furniture Sydney
work experience

2005-2008 Westfield Design & Construction Sydney
Creative Designer

2006-2008 Jenline Interiors
Prototyping and production.

2006-2009 Zema Deisngs
Design Business